Since 2005, we have led the effort to evangelize the deaf and surrounding community in Reynosa, Mexico through education and outreach.  


Our Mission

Isaiah 55 Ministries works among the Deaf and marginalized to make disciples, encourage the worship of Jesus, and promote justice and reconciliation. The deaf education programs span from K-12 with follow on vocational programs providing opportunists for manufacturing jobs. The outreach programs involve special projects in the neighborhood at the mission providing both economically and spiritually for those in the community where the mission is located. The work teams provide an opportunity to come alongside the mission staff to encourage, help, and participate in mission activities. 

Isaiah 55 provides an integrated ministry in Reynosa, Mexico. The missionaries are driven by a passion both to the deaf community, community surrounding the mission, and the individuals who join with the mission on short term teams.
— Sam L.

What GOd's Achieved

  • First and only school for the deaf in Reynosa, Mexico
  • Vocational program for the deaf and marginalized
  • Reached hundreds of deaf children and families for Christ 
  • Built a school, community outreach center, vocational training facility, and mission headquarters 
  • Hosted thousands of individuals on teams