Kim moved to the Mexican border in the spring of 2003 after attending language school. She is from a tranquil, pristine central Illinois village where she grew up in a Christian home. Her personal journey of faith began as a teenager and was cultivated as she matured. She attended college in North Texas and earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Texas Woman’s University. Following a longing to serve, Kim came to Mexico to work in office administration and now mainly manages the finances of the ministry. Her personality type is referred to as “the adventurer” or “the artist” which fits her inner desire to explore the world around her and create images and memories of the same. Photography and travel are two of her passions when she’s not crunching numbers, distributing payroll or paying power bills. As the ministry has expanded beyond the deaf school to outreaches with hearing children and adults, Kim enjoys joining her teammates on the streets and ballfields of the neighborhood to interact with, love and encourage the children and area youth. She also lives for and treasures regular times of prayer and worship throughout the work week. Camino de Fe Reynosa is her local church family.   


Support: Go Ye Fellowship PO Box 539 Monrovia, CA 91017 (#58 Kim)