I come from a big family and Iowa farm life. Saved at 17, I have been following Jesus on a journey ever since. I studied English and Spanish at Eureka College and then moved to Mexico in 2003. Since then I have finished my Graduate Certificate in Translation at University of Texas, Brownsville, and I am working on finishing my M.A. in Spanish at University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley. I live in Reynosa, Mexico, a transient border city of nearly a million people. My job is to coordinate with government, local non-profits, and the Church for the progress of the deaf students, at-risk youth and the vast community surrounding them. My leftover energy is spent running a backyard turtle and chicken farm, pulling weeds, being absorbed by series on Netflix and reading. The Gospel is transforming my life and setting me free, and I hope to witness the Kingdom come to Reynosa and beyond. My home church is Camino de Fe in Reynosa. 


Support: Go Ye Fellowship PO Box 539 Monrovia, CA 91017 (#59 Erin)