Mario and Keila




Mario and Keila met last year of high school (1989) in Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico. They married in 1996. In 1998, he was hired by LG Electronics as an engineer in computer science in Reynosa (Mexican border city with Texas). Since 2007 Mario has been working as an IT manager for an automotive company (TRW), and he is in charge of the 4 factory plants located in Reynosa.


In 2012 they felt a strong calling to share the Gospel with more people, and they planted a church called Camino de Fe which is supported by Camino de Fe Church in Tampico. Since then, Mario has been a bi-vocational pastor. They have two high-schoolers, Debbie (18) and Ian (15). Keila has been working with Isaiah 55 Ministries organizing VBSs, and Debbie and Ian enjoy working with volunteers teams as translators. Mario has been participating as a pastor and counselor for the Isaiah 55 teachers and staff.


Mario and Keila will be working as the spiritual oversight for Isaiah 55 Ministries and continue to pastor Camino de Fe. Eventually they would like to plant a church in the Aquiles Serd·n neighborhood which surrounds the mission. Their various skills and spiritual gifts as national reformed believers are vital to the work of evangelism and discipleship in Reynosa. 


Support:  Mision Isaias 55, Inc.