Marcus and Heather




Both Heather and Marcus came to know the Lord at an early age. Their desire is to share with others the gospel of grace that has transformed their own lives. They met and married in San Antonio, Texas, and it was there that they began taking short-term trips to the border. As a deacon in their current church in Georgetown, TX, Marcus was tasked with planning the church’s first mission trip to the border. It was this first trip that brought Marcus to Isaiah 55 where he felt God’s calling to serve there full-time. In June 2013, Marcus and Heather returned and immediately sensed God had a place for them at Isaiah 55.


Marcus will develop and expand the newly-forming trade school at Isaiah 55. His mission will be to provide income-earning skills for the deaf students and for local underprivileged children. Heather will provide hospitality to work teams at the mission, and offer her gifts in administration and organizing wherever needed. Heather and Marcus have a son, Calder and daughter Samantha.  Follow them on their website.  


Support:  Mission to the World #16690